Hampi, India

Hampi steals a piece of your heart and never gives it back. That was my sentiment in my last post, describing what could possibly be the most epic bus journey I have ever been on.

After we settled in to our guest house, we headed out to explore. Its very easy to find your way around Hampi. You either follow all of the tourists or ask the locals, either way you will be pointed in the right direction.

Hampi is an “ancient village in the south Indian state of Karnataka. It’s dotted with numerous ruined temple complexes from the Vijayanagara Empire.” according to Google 🙂

Hampi India Hampi India

Our first stop was the Virupaksha Temple. The architecture is astonishing and so grand! Anywhere you look you will find such intricate details, and monkeys, monkeys are everywhere.

Hampi IndiaHampi India Hampi India

Just out side of the temple is the Hampi bazaar. While we were there it was undergoing major construction and many of the ruins were being rebuilt. C was shocked to see that none of the huts were occupied, since the last time he was in Hampi, the bazaar was booming with vendors.

Hampi India

One such vendor was the owner of the first restaurant we ate at. Again this picture does not do the taste of this thaali justice. It was DELICIOUS! I wish I remember where his restaurant was and/or what it was called (I should get better at this), but I do remember it was near the temple in a small building. Either way, the owner let us know that his restaurant used to be in the middle of the bazaar, but he and everyone else were told to leave. I wonder what it looks like now?

Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India

After filling our bellies with yummy local food we headed off to explore the countryside. Oh man! It is so beautiful in the countryside.

Rocks, boulders and ancient ruins make up the scenery, and everywhere you turn is picture perfect. I had such a hard time understanding that people actually lived here and it was not just a movie scene. You were free to roam anywhere your little heart desired with no restriction on where to sit, or what to take a picture of.

Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India

Four little monkeys!

Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India

Our roaming and excitement actually got us lost at one point. We wanted to make it to the hill where we were told we would see a beautiful sunset. We had no idea where we were going and ended up just following the sun. At one point I started to get a bit worried/tired and gave up on ever finding the hill.

Hampi India Hampi India

BUT, as if by fait, we turned a corner and found ourselves exactly on the hill we intended, perfectly timed for sunset!!

Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India Hampi India

It was such a peaceful and serene experience. At one point I even became a bit emotional. I love an epic view and it always reminds me of how small I really am and how much I have yet to see. Sunsets also allow you to take a moment, be silent and still and appreciate the present. I always take this opportunity to be thankful for where I am and how lucky I am to be there.

Hampi IndiaHampi India

After the sun set, we headed back to the village and found ourselves a neat restaurant to have dinner at. It was called the Mango Tree. This place is beautiful. It has gorgeous views and delicious food. Again, I am a horrible blogger and did not take pictures of it. But, you can Google it!

With that, our first day in Hampi came to an end. 

Tomorrow we explore Hampi’s heritage sites, including the Elephant stables, Laxmi Narasimha Temple and many more!