Hampi Heritage Sites

Hampi is vast. Its ancient empire stretches quite far and on our second day in Hampi, C and I took a step back in time and pretended we were kings and queens.

Hampi, India

Hampi steals a piece of your heart and never gives it back. That was my sentiment in my last post, describing what could possibly be the most epic bus journey I have ever been on. After we settled in to our guest house, we headed out to explore. Its very…

Journey to Hampi

Hampi, India is a place out of the history books. If you are looking to immerse yourself fully in culture and history, look no further than Hampi.

Travel Essentials

Goa India

I’d never experienced culture shock before. That is of course until India. India is amazing! India was a spur of the moment sort of trip for C and I. We did not really plan to go, but saw an amazing deal that we just could not pass up.